Questions About Our Service

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  • Do you have a location in Oklahoma City?

  • Is a free service?

  • How do I create a acount?

  • How do I login to

  • Where can I find my "View My Transactions"?

  • How can I be sure that what I get paid is not a scam?

  • Can I track the items I have sent?

  • Why would I want to mail my items off to instead of selling to my local pawn shop or gold buyer?

  • Can I drive to your location instead of mailing in my items?

Questions About Selling

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  • Do I have to sell my items to you?

  • Why do I have to present my drivers license and a copy of my drivers license when selling my items?

  • Is there a minimum amount of items required to sell my gold?

  • Do you buy by the Gram, Pennyweight (DWT) or Ounce?

  • I'm not sure an item is Gold can I send it anyway?

  • Does your Ounce price reflect a Troy Ounce?

  • Do you buy Gold Plated or Gold Filled items?

  • Do you buy jewelry made out of white gold?

  • Do you buy Diamonds?

  • Do you buy Gems?

  • Do you buy Costume Jewelry?

  • Do you buy computer motherboards, hard drives, cell phones or other electrical components with traces of gold?

  • Do you buy Catalytic Converter parts or material?

  • Do you buy U.S. Silver Coins that are solid silver?

  • Do you buy Silverware or Flatware?

  • Do you buy Dental Gold?

Questions About Shipping

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  • I want to ship my items but there is not a FedEx/Kinko's near my area, what can I do?

  • How much will my package be insured for?

  • Do I have to send my items with your FREE FedEx shipping label?

  • How can I be sure my package will not get lost?

  • How do I know if you received my shipment?

Questions About Payment

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Questions About Your Account

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Questions About Spot Prices

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  • What are London Fixings?

  • What is the Fixing Process?

  • Who sets the Fixings?

  • What is a spot quote?

  • Why are there metal fixing prices for both AM and PM?

  • Why does the spot price not change in the evenings and weekends?

Questions About Our Reviews

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  • How can you know if our reviews are legitimate?

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